This is a work in progress and still far from completion.
All pages below are missing crucial information and actual
steps that could be followed.

Ubuntu Gaming Equipment

Usually hardware for gamers is not being developed and marketed with linux gamers in mind. But thanks to the great community that makes up the open source software world, nearly everything can at least be made to work.

As an avid linux gamer, I bought one or the other specialized hardware myself and depending on the specific tool it sometimes took me quite some time to get it working properly. To ease the process of setting stuff up on future gaming computers of mine and to help others in the same situation I took the effort of writing down what I know abou the stuff I own.

With only a quick look at the list, one can be sure that I really like one specific vendor. Other vendor’s devices might work just as good - I never tried them though, so hopefully someone else can help you with that.